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Unlocking Europe's AI Potential in the Digital Decade

This report is released at a pivotal moment. Europe has set itself the challenge of becoming a digital leader by 2030. This independent study by Strand Partners captures the size of that opportunity. It outlines the positive socioeconomic impact that business leaders and individuals expect artificial intelligence (AI) to contribute to this goal, and the critical issues that need to be addressed for Europe to truly digitally transform.

The €600 billion opportunity:

A third of European businesses have adopted AI, a 32% growth rate since 2022. The report calculates that maintaining this rate of AI uptake could contribute an additional €600 billion in gross value added (GVA)[1] to the European economy by 2030.


This figure, if realised, would bring the estimated total economic impact of tech adoption in the region to €3.4 trillion by 2030, up from 2022’s forecast of €2.8 trillion. 

The study also captures the widespread optimism that AI technologies can drive positive change. Sixty-five per cent of European citizens anticipate that it will transform healthcare and education over the next five years. Over half believe it will be important in addressing major societal challenges, including climate change and disease control.


At AWS we are proud to work with companies that use AI and cloud technology to tackle some of society’s biggest challenges, from reducing diagnosis time for complex brain diseases, to helping sustainable growers tackle food poverty while maintaining biodiversity. These companies are living proof that technology and a spark of innovation can deliver life changing enhancements to society.  


Together, we can unlock the power of AI for all.

As we enter a new era of AI, the report lays out the three key actions needed to ensure these technologies are harnessed responsibly for the benefit of all.

Firstly, access to AI capabilities must be democratised so that small businesses and start-ups can reap the rewards. 

Amazon is at the forefront of making AI accessible. It’s why we launched Amazon Bedrock, making it easier for customers to access multiple leading generative AI models through one easy user interface. It’s why we make tools like PartyRock, a generative AI app-building playground that requires zero coding knowledge, open to everyone. And it’s why we launched the AWS Generative AI Accelerator, a programme that provides start-ups the support and resources needed to innovate and scale in this fast-paced field.

Second, we must invest in developing digital skills. The report identifies sixty-one per cent of businesses as being held back because they cannot hire staff with the right digital skills. At AWS, we are intentional about lowering the barrier to digital skills education. We offer more than 500 courses and learning resources, many on AI and Machine Learning (ML).  At the end of 2023, we made our “AI Ready” commitment to provide free AI skills training to 2 million people globally by 2025. 

Third, for the public to trust these technologies, we must ensure they are developed and used responsibly. Amazon believes AI should respect human rights and values like privacy, fairness and equity. We are committed to building fair and accurate services, not technology for its own sake. We know that only by pairing innovation with responsibility can we build the trust necessary to harness AI for the greater good.

With concerted action across these areas, I believe we can usher in a future where AI unlocks new possibilities in a responsible and inclusive way.


At AWS, we’ve been investing in Europe’s digital future since 2007 with billions invested in cloud and edge infrastructure, job creation and some of our most innovative solutions proudly made in Europe. We look forward to continuing to collaborate in Europe’s transformation journey. Let businesses, governments and society rally together to envision and shape a Europe with a responsible, sustainable, and prosperous digital future.


I encourage you to dive deep into the report and to be inspired by the opportunity we have in front of us. 


Together, let's make this Europe’s Digital Decade.


Tanuja Randery

Managing Director,


[1] The measure of the value of goods and services produced within the economy.

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