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Unlocking Europe’s AI Potential in the Digital Decade

The perspectives of 30,000 European citizens and businesses on our digital future


In 2021, the European Commission set a series of goals to make Europe a digital leader by 2030. These commitments included Improving citizens’ digital skills; boosting digital infrastructure and the adoption of new technologies in EU businesses; making public services and administration available online


Now in 2024, the urgency of this mission resonates more than ever. 


Our insights, gathered from businesses and citizens, capture a Europe with rapidly accelerating digital ambitions. The promise of transformative technologies such as AI are clear. There is a growing awareness, uptake, and excitement about the potential benefits of digital technologies for businesses. Many are already experimenting with AI and citizens are increasingly realising the diverse applications of next generation technologies to their lives.


However, many of the key capabilities of successful tech adoption are not keeping pace with raised ambitions. Europe needs to increase its digital skills, supporting infrastructure, consumer confidence and cybersecurity in order to unlock its raised digital ambitions.


This report uncovers what Europe needs to do to unlock its AI Potential and to fulfil the promise of the digital decade.

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